The Nivel Vision

As Canada’s leader in both distribution and merchandising of consumer products, at Nivel we are constantly striving to improve and surpass our high quality service. Our up to date and efficient operation allows us to quickly adapt to customer’s needs and market changes.

Our vision is to, together with all of our business partners and employees, provide to our accounts a way and a means to increase their sales to their customers. Through our time and our energy, we continue to strive to find means to be more efficient and more productive in order to make Nivel an integral part of our Retailers’ profit equation. As this has been our success over these past 53 years, we are constantly striving to become even more innovative as we enter the year 2018 and beyond. Together as one great team, it will be accomplished.

History of the Company

What & Why Service Merchandising?

Service Merchandising is a method of selling many small and complicated items to stores. The need for service is
the most important factor in our equation when it comes to dealing with potential accounts.


Beginning with our very sophisticated computer system, and our very detailed warehouse operation, we are able to pick and ship over 5,000 different items to 3,000 accounts across Canada in the most economical way possible.


By having our representatives in every store either weekly or bi-weekly to totally service, merchandise, order and communicate with the store personnel, we are able to sell more of our type of merchandise through the individual Mass, Food and Drug store.  By being able to provide such a service, we help increase both the individual store’s profit as well as the overall chain’s profits.