Technology at Nivel


The application software and all of the technology within Nivel is maintained by our in-house team of IT professionals, giving us the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to new business requirements and industry changes.


Main System:

The driving force behind Nivel’s Distribution process is the custom-developed application software, which has been tailored to the unique requirements of its operation.

Some of the features of

  • Automated Bucket Ordering Guide
  • Multi-Warehouse Inventory System
  • Dynamic Pricing Matrix by Retail Group/Category and Effective Date
  • Custom Shipping/Invoicing with automated Manifest transmission
  • Route Management System
  • WEB-based custom data downloads


Cellular PDA Terminals:

Once our rep. has scanned-in an order from a retail outlet, they are polled in real-time to our Point-of-Sales Server throughout the day, generating orders, releasing picking tickets into the warehouse and shipped out. Orders are expedited accurately and efficiently within a quick turnaround.

Sales orders, or other data documents, can also be transmitted via FTP, or emailed in flat files, phoned in through customer service, or using custom handheld barcode-reader equipped data collection devices, allowing order entry from directly in front of the merchandise.

EDI Services

Fully EDI compliant with most commonly used documents: Purchase Orders, Advance Shipment Notices, Invoice, Statements and Remittance.

RF Terminals:

Most complex warehouse operations are handled through Wireless RF Terminals providing real-time access to the host system while running such applications as Shipping, Transport carrier validation, Picking Bin replenishment and Physical Inventory.

Tablet Technology:

In order to bring the latest promotional items and merchandise listings to our fine retailers, instantaneously as it gets launched by the manufacturers, our sales reps across Canada are equipped with tablets that are synchronized with the head office and carry with them electronic version of up to date info-flash bulletins and planogram layouts.

SPACEMAN Merchandising/Planogram Management System

Comprehensive PC Network:

Much of the data communication with Suppliers and Customers are handled through a two-way FTP/Secure FTP/Email transmission. Data files and Report downloads from the host system are easily made available on PC desktops for custom formatting or outside transmissions.